MOREC stories

MOREC has more than 10 years of R&D experience in the ev charging field, focusing on providing professional EV charging equipment for home use, MOREC has provided OEM and ODM services for many famous brands, and has several product patents. MOREC's products include mode 2 ev charging cable (portable ev charger), wallbox, mode 3 ev charging cable and related charging accessories.

MOREC believes that the design concept of home EV charging is different from other EV chargers used in other scenarios. Home EV charging products should pay special attention to safety, energy-saving charging, convenient operation and stable performance. MOREC has always been committed to providing customers with charging equipment with superior performance, and pays special attention to user feedback to continuously improve the charging experience of users.



MOREC is always concerned about the Earth's climate change and believes that a better charging experience will be important for the faster adoption of EVs. We love our products and hope that through our efforts, more users will experience more convenient EV charging and contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Please support the EV mobility program and protect our planet together!


We have a large number of exclusive patents to ensure users have a better charging experience

Our stable, military-grade, waterproof design allows for efficient charging of EVs in any environment

The large amount of feedback is not only a sign of market acceptance, but also allows us to improve our products more efficiently.

All products in stock locally in the available areas to ensure delivery to customers within 2-3 days

Our professional customer service team to provide you with attentive and timely product service

We have a perfect after-sales process and return policy, so that customers can use with confidence

MOREC is committed to providing our customers with better home charging devices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us !